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HelmetProject.net – A new era arrives

HelmetProject.net has arrived on the scene to usher in a new era of resource for football fans. The site will be a resource that will display every pro and college helmet possible with a fresh modern look. One of the major things in the coming days, weeks and months to come that we will be focused on is, bringing a high, quality look on every helmet we produce while being as accurate as possible to the actual helmets. As you can see, HelmetProject.net is a free service site and we have every intention to keep it that way.  But first things, first. Welcome to the brand new HelmetProject.net!

Most of what we will cover here is also covered in our other key sections such as the all important Helmet Usage page and the Add/Update Helmet page, which are conveniently located at the top of every page.

Each and every week will be sending out our newsletter covering the week that was on HelmetProject.net with the latest news along with updates and even some exclusive upcoming deals and features that will arrive on the site in the very near future. This newsletter will be delivered to your email inbox every Tuesday.

Already uploaded to the site are the helmets for the NFL and CFL from the 2016 season. Any changes to the helmets for the 2017 season will be updated once they become available. Over the next few months in advance of the 2017 season, we will be adding in the 2016 helmets for college football and the various Arena and Indoor football leagues that begin play in the spring. Any updates that are made on HelmetProject.net will be posted on our Updates page and via our twitter page.

The Updates page will be archived on a monthly or semi-monthly basis depending on the number of updates we make to the site. Also on the Updates page, we will feature a queue for any pre-determined order of helmets scheduled to be made on the site. This will also be seen on a regular basis right on the homepage of HelmetProject.net.

When sending a submission for a helmet addition or update, we will need the following:
1. Need a full and unobstructed visible image of the entire decal.
2. Any stripe details and colors of the helmet and facemask.
3. Photo of the helmet (if applicable). Note: We will primarily use the right side of the helmet. In the future, we will add the left side (will announce at a later date).
4, If it is a dated helmet, please provide a year in which the helmet was used.

If you are making a submission for a high school, please make sure your school is not already covered by one of the many state-related helmet sites that are already in operation. We will also only accept submissions from the school or booster club itself and the email address must be from the school or booster club website.

In the future, we will be introducing a custom helmet service that will be available for a fee. More details on this service in the coming days and weeks.

In most cases, the following will cover the terms of use:
Personal Use
Feel free to use the helmet images for your own personal, non-commercial use. Examples of personal use would be on your desktop, in a PowerPoint slide deck, a team playbook, or as a personal profile avatar on a message board or on social media sites such as twitter or facebook.

Display of Helmets
All helmets depicted on HelmetProject.net are considered as the property of the schools, athletic departments and teams they represent. The helmets are the identity of the schools and the teams themselves. In some cases, the logos and images used on the helmets are copyrighted and trademarked by the school and teams. In most cases, we work directly with the schools, coaches and booster clubs to ensure accuracy. Also, we do recognize that some helmets are not 100% accurate and will strive to make the helmets as close as possible when it is depicted on the site and on our social media sites. If you are media outlet looking for a larger size format, please contact us for details on how to obtain these formats.

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