Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Add/Update Helmet

To add or update your helmet:

What we need:
1. Need a full and unobstructed visible image of the entire decal.
2. Any stripe details and colors of the helmet and facemask.
3. Photo of the helmet (if applicable). Note: We will primarily use the right side of the helmet. In the future, we will add the left side (will announce at a later date).
4, If it is a dated helmet, please provide a year in which the helmet was used.

Decal Information
We can accept clip art or image scans of the decal.
For example:

We can also accept a scanned copy of the decal proofs from the decal provider.
For example:

If you are making a submission for a high school, please make sure your school is not already covered by one of the many state-related helmet sites that are already in operation. We will also ONLY accept submissions from the school or booster club itself and the email address must be from the school or booster club website.